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Hack GBA.emu Free game

GBA.emu Free

Hack GBA.emu Free game
Gameboy Advance emulator is a fork of the excellent GBA.emu. This is functionally same as GBA.emu but free so that users who don't have access to paid apps (such as Android users in China) can download.

You will find detailed descriptions at the GBA.emu site at

Other general information about this emulator is available at

This emulator is under GPL license, You can find the source codes at


Download Link : Link

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Pilot Brothers (Full) unlimted resources

Pilot Brothers (Full)

Pilot Brothers (Full) unlimted resources
A provincial Russian town has been shaken in disbelief: their prized, rare, striped elephant, Baldakhin, disappeared from the zoo in the dead of night. The main suspect is its notorious former owner, Karbofoss. Two well-known detectives, the Pilot Brothers, set up a new investigation, pursuing the rogue through 15 comic-style locations to find the missing elephant. Sensible Brother Chief and his not-so-bright assistant, Brother Colleague, solve tricky puzzles and play their parts with precise timing in this humorous adventure game for the whole family!

● 15 Increasingly difficult levels to solve
● 2 Different characters: Brother Chief and Brother Colleague
● Fast-paced, arcade mini-games and loads of absurdly witty mini-games!
● Join the famed duo in their search for the elusive thief!
● Google Play game services support

Game available in: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

***Note*** This game supports high-end smartphones and tablets such as Nexus 7 and Nexus 10.


Download Link : Link

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Download Tractor Hill Racing Apk Download

Tractor Hill Racing

Download Tractor Hill Racing Apk Download
New super easy farm racing game! Autumn Fun is a sequel of an original best kids racing game - Fun Kid Racing. This free game is easy enough to be played by everyone! Choose your truck and guide it to the finish line! Control your farm tractor with just one finger and see how it flips, jumps and rolls on it's way. Have you ever imagined that driving in the fall season can be so fun? Carry some apples, pick some mushrooms and play with leaves on your way!

Prepare for a race by picking one of the special Autumn season based cars. Gain enough speed to dash through the pile of leaves. You will love all the surprises in each level! There are also plenty of coins to collect for better results while rolling for the win! Start the engine and drive these trucks in the shortest time possible! Even a toddler can play this game without any problems!

The tracks are designed so that you would do many stunts on the run, the car will spin doing frontflip, backflip or even both - but watch out not to land on the roof!

Download Link : Link

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Hack Monster City game

Monster City

Hack Monster City game
Monster City is a Monster Fighting, Breeding, City Builder free 2 play fun legendary monsters game.

Collect different species and make them bigger and stronger to go to battle. You can have different island habitats, species, decors and build your virtual world of monsters.

-Exciting monsters to unlock at every level and more species coming everyday
-Common, Rare and Legendary monsters
-Monster egg and baby
-Exciting and surprising cross-breedable monsters to create legends
-Add multiple islands for different habitats
-Move and rearrange
-Battle at different Monster Worlds

Download Link : Link

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Hack Five Nights Story game

Five Nights Story

Hack Five Nights Story game
Dig and find freedom throughout old mine, while you are running away from bloodthirsty horde of monsters. But be on the lookout! You will have to take care of 5 bombs which are prepared to destroy the mine. There is no craft in here, just escape from this forgotten memories and nightmare as fast as you can!

- Easy touch control
- 3D cube world with Freddy
- Challenging life puzzle game
- Find a way how to resist Monsters attacks
- Figure out how to survive with limited supplies
- Whole New horror story, inspired by Freddy's games.
- Awesome feeling with headphones

We hope, you will love it mr. PewDiePie and Markiplier ! :)
This is not a 2 , 3 , 4 demo. This is a full free game!
Have fun, folks! Don't forget to click on Share mode button for more updates. Thx :)

Download Link : Link

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Wild Dinosaur Hunting 3D unlimted resources

Wild Dinosaur Hunting 3D

Wild Dinosaur Hunting 3D unlimted resources
Become the ultimate dinosaur hunter. Come out fighting in this high action hunting simulator. Choose your standard hunting rifle or you may decide to use the long range sniper rifle.

Some of the comments from early players:
"Love the quality, detail, and lighting of the graphics."
"Its exciting to try and survive as long as possible"
"I love the quality of graphics"
"This is game epic! The best dino hunting game I have played for free!"

Go and hunt! You are walking in an across a huge Jurassic rain-forest, full of danger, where your mission is to stay alive. Not just stay alive, but thrive. There can only be one winner - don't let it be the ruthless bloodthirsty dinosaurs. You can run from dinosaurs or attack them. Fire and reload your weapon. But when you fire too close, they will charge and attack.
Play this epic game, where dinosaurs are not extinct anymore, but alive and thriving! Real and giant dinos, where the hunter becomes the hunted. All in awesome 3D!

Game Highlights Include:

✓Upgrade your hunting health, speed, and weapon strength
✓6 BONUS Charge Play Mini Games
✓9 Dinosaur Species Included
✓12 Challenging Adventures to Complete
✓Huge Open World 3D Map
✓Hunt during sunrise,sunset,night,and day
✓Now with Rain Hunting!

The dinos included are : Velociraptor (Raptor), Carnivorous, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus (T. Rex), Allosaurus, Carnotaurus, Spinosaurus, Apatosaurus (Brontosaurus), Ankylosaurus, and Stegosaurus.

Come Like us on Facebook
Also check out our Cheetah, Lion, Wolf, Dinosaur, Dog Survival, and Polar Bear Apps.
Please send your suggestions to We realize the app is not perfect, and we welcome your constructive criticism.

Download Link : Link

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Thomas & Friends: Lift & Haul unlimted resources

Thomas & Friends: Lift & Haul

Thomas & Friends: Lift & Haul unlimted resources
Full Steam ahead for an exciting NEW Thomas & Friends: Lift & Haul game pack featuring SIX interactive games with everyone's favorite engines from the Island of Sodor including Thomas, James, Percy and more. Your kids will love learning about the daily lives of the engines, how they work together, and make new friends! Each game focuses on the engines daily activities including lifting and hauling gravel, cutting and sorting stones, playing hide and seek, and readying themselves for another exciting day of work. Easy and Hard modes ensure that kids of every level will enjoy the fun. Help Merrick sort shapes and colors in Quarry Match! See how many shapes you can cut in Stone Shape Cutter! Patch up James, Percy and Thomas when they bust a gasket in Boiler Spoiler! Service the engines at the depot in Load up, Wash Down! Help Owen load gravel onto Thomas’ cars in Rock Drop! Find Luke the mystery engine in Hide and Peep! Little engineers are guaranteed to enjoy hours of fun playing with Thomas & Friends while they test their reflexes, dexterity, and ability to match shapes and colors. Featuring the characters, music and beautiful CG graphics from the TV show - Thomas & Friends Lift & Haul is a must have App that is sure to entertain and inspire all Thomas fans! About Thomas & Friends: Thomas the Tank Engine was created by a father for his son over 65 years ago and today is enjoyed by families in more than 185 territories and in 30 languages. The #1 blue engine and his friends invite children to enter a world of imagination through the tracks of a train and the words of a story. Children embark on adventures with their engine friends while experiencing timeless life lessons of discovery, friendship and cooperation. Thomas & Friends makes tracks to great destinations on top broadcasters around the world. Visit HIT Entertainment at Follow Thomas & Friends on Twitter: @TrueBlueEngine Like Thomas & Friends on Facebook at Visit Funny Garbage at Follow Funny Garbage on Twitter: @funnygarbage Like Funny Garbage on Facebook at

Download Link : Link

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Adventure Smash unlimted resources

Adventure Smash

Adventure Smash unlimted resources
Travel through magical paintings to multiple worlds in this epic puzzle adventure. Experience unique match 3 game play with all new game mechanics that take the fun to whole new levels!

“Best match 3 game yet!”…”I can’t stop playing!!” ✭✭✭✭✭

"EXCELLENT!!!! About time something with substance." ✭✭✭✭✭

Jump in and start matching! See the cool new special effects of each multiple token match. In some levels clever opponents will make moves and try to block your victory. Discover the path to 3 stars on every level!

Adventure as an intrepid explorer, a brave knight, a star traveling captain and many others. Travel through jungles, explore space and time, find mysterious islands. What will you discover next?

See spectacular effects as you Whip your way through the jungle, Zap your opponents, remake the board with your Wild? Abilities change every chapter.

Out race your friends to new adventures! Shoot to the top of the leaderboards and win the crown!

Rebuild the ancient temple, collect lost treasure, defeat the dragon, and achieve the highest score ever! Experience these challenges and many more!

Download Link : Link

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Hack Animal Sounds game

Animal Sounds

Hack Animal Sounds game
Animal Sounds application was developed especially for kids. It is a very simple and funny program. It aims to entertain kids(toddler) while teaching animal sounds. Kids will have a good time by learning different animals and animal sounds. (Cat, Dog, Lion, Elephant, Eagle, Dolphin, Leopard, Woodpecker etc.)

-- 36 Animals
The application provides several language supports (English / German / French / Russian / Portuguese / Japanese / Korean / Turkish / Spanish ).

Animal Sounds application is compatible with almost all Android devices, however in any problem let us know, we will proceed immediately.
Permissions requested by the application:
"android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE" and
Allows Internet Access to send crash report and to use Text-to-Speech engine.

ATTENTION: Images and sound files which were used in this application, were obtained from various sources on the internet that labeled them as "freely distributable". Therefore, if you discover any file in this application which you recognize as copyrighted, please email me. In this way, I will remove them immediately.

Download Link : Link

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Kids ABC Letters (Lite) unlimted resources

Kids ABC Letters (Lite)

Kids ABC Letters (Lite) unlimted resources
★★★ Important Announcement ★★★
We now offer an All-in-One Pack, which includes access to the full versions of all of Intellijoy's existing and future apps and comes with a free 3-day trial. Get it here:

This lite version of Kids ABC Letters contains three out of the seven activities contained in the paid version.

Kids ABC Letters invites your preschool-aged children to join along on an enchanting voyage through the alphabet waters, to learn the names and shapes of the alphabet letters, practice letter recognition, and easily find letters in context of words and the alphabetical order. Each activity has a separate learning objective and a different game.Children will be motivated to play and learn more as they earn pieces to build exciting boats to sail the sea!

- This app does not teach the phonetic sounds that the alphabet letters make. Knowing how the letters are pronounced is a separate educational goal, which is covered in Intellijoy's separate app, Kids ABC Phonics. Including phonics in this app would detract from the focus and delight of this game.

This game covers seven activities:

✔ Naming Letters: A delightful way for kids to learn the names and appearances of each ABC alphabet letter at their own pace.
✔ Forming Letters: Kids assemble alphabet letters with colorful puzzle pieces to recall the familiar letters they've learned.
✔ Recognizing Letters: Fishing for alphabet fish as they swim by reinforces letter familiarity and its pronunciation.
✔ Identifying Letters in Context: This simple game teaches kids to recognize the alphabet letters as they appear in words. As a result, they learn that words are made up of letters. (full version only).
✔ Matching Upper Case to Lower Case Letters: This activity reinforces that each letter has two variations; one upper and one lower case letter. The child will enjoy matching the letters to each other to build a raft. (full version only).
✔ Distinguish between Upper Case and Lower Case Letters: Listen and search for the upper case or lower case letter and toss it to the dolphin for some fun! (full version only).
✔ Ordering the ABC's: The child explores the deep sea to find letter-coins, and uses these to create a segment of four letters in a row within the alphabet. (full version only).

- Kids ABC Letters is the first app in our Reading Curriculum Series. It is followed by Kids ABC Trains, Kids ABC Phonics, Kids Learn to Read, and Kids Sight Words.

★ Hey, how did you take the top spots in the Educational section?
✔ Kids love our games. Parents love to see their preschool-aged children being both educated and quietly happy. Google noticed our great reviews and the fact that we focus entirely on delighting children through learning and then featured and promoted our apps.
✔ Our games are laser focused. For example, the letters game doesn't teach phonics, and the phonics game doesn't teach reading. We keep the games clean and focused but magically inviting and nourishing.
✔ Our games don’t feature fun at the expense of education – or education at the expense of fun. We also know games that are too complicated don’t involve and delight kids.

Download Link : Link

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Download Count the Coins Apk Download

Count the Coins

Download Count the Coins Apk Download
Great for KIDS!

Learn how to Count money!

Learn how to recognize, count, add and make change with U.S. coins.

Teach your kids how to:

- Learn about U.S. Coins!.

- Learn how to match coins!

- Learn how to add different coins!

Download Link : Link

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Hack Treasures of Montezuma 2 game

Treasures of Montezuma 2

Hack Treasures of Montezuma 2 game
A sequel to the popular PC game “Treasures of Montezuma” will please fans of puzzles and the match-3 genre. Over 100 levels of ancient Aztec secrets and riddles, plenty of magical artifacts and three game modes – that's what awaits for the players.

Playing “Treasures of Montezuma 2” you'll have to combine pieces of the same color and complete missions within the given time. Success will be rewarded with bonus scores and gold which you may spend to purchase various bonuses and upgrades. Upon the discovery of Aztec magic and gathering all the precious jewels the player will rebuild the Heavenly City Tenochtitlan.

• Over 100 levels
• 3 game modes
• Magical bonuses and totems
• Mysterious atmosphere of Aztec civilization

***** The QualityIndex of "Treasures of Montezuma 2" is 7.9


FOLLOW US: @Herocraft

Download Link : Link

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Download The Bard's Tale Apk Download

The Bard's Tale

Download The Bard
★★★★★ “The Bard’s Tale is easily the funniest game I’ve ever played” – IGN ★★★★★
★★★★★ Google Play Editor's Choice ★★★★★
★★★★★ Best of 2012 - Games ★★★★★

They said it couldn’t be done… a full-scale massive 3D epic role-playing game on Android! See why it’s the BIGGEST Android game ever made!

NOTE: Additional assets downloaded after install require at least 1.7GB of free space.

RECOMMENDED DEVICE SPECIFICATION: 1GHz or higher CPU; Adreno 205, Tegra 2, SGX 540 or Mali 400 or higher GPU.

“The Bard’s Tale is easily the funniest game I’ve ever played, and I’ve played all the funny games out there.” – IGN

You are the Bard, a selfish rogue weary of pointless sub-quests and rat-infested cellars. Through magical song you summon characters to join you in battle, heal your party, and take damage on your behalf. Ready your weapon as you embark on a quest for coin and cleavage!

“Ready your weapon and bladder as you embark on this ridiculously addicting quest and the funniest adventure of the year, The Bard’s Tale” – Game Chronicles

Play The Bard’s Tale today on your favorite compatible Android device*. Prepare to immerse yourself in over 20-30 hours of adventure, featuring:

• 50 enemy types (not counting bosses!)
• A vast world to explore with towns, wild forests, rivers, castles, towers, secret dungeons, snowy mountains, caverns, haunted tombs and more
• A full cast of bizarre NPC’s
• Over a dozen special boss enemies to defeat
• 16 magical characters to discover and then summon at will to aid you
• Over 150 unique items of weaponry, armor, instruments, tokens, artifacts and loot!
• More Song & Dance numbers than any other game, including a zombie dance-off!
• Over 14 hours of outstanding voice-acting from top Hollywood talent, including Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride) as the Bard, and the inimitable Tony Jay as the Narrator

But wait! That’s not all! Enjoy these great new additions in the Android version:

New Features:
• Autosave—option to save automatically when you near a save-book in game.
• Time-Savers—optional in-app purchases are available to pump up your Bard and save you time! (Note: All such items are attainable through normal game-play, with time and persistence, just as in the original console release.)
• Includes the original classic The Bard’s Tale trilogy!
+ The Bard's Tale 1: Tales of the Unknown
+ The Bard's Tale 2: The Destiny Knight, and
+ The Bard's Tale 3: Thief of Fate

“This game is satire in its sharpest form” – Cheat Code Central

Play The Bard’s Tale today!

We hear you, and we are committed to improving The Bard’s Tale for Android. Please send support questions/comments through The Bard’s Tale Support link below. You are also welcome to join the discussion and get the latest news on our Facebook product page “The Bard’s Tale”.

Please note: Asset installation requires at least 1.7GB of free space on your device. Thank you for your patience with the download time.

Android adaptation by Square One Games.

* Compatible with Android 2.3 and higher. XPeria Play Optimized.

Native Gamepad Support:
o Wii Classic Controller (native or with free WiimoteController App)
o Xbox 360 & Logitech F310/510/710 in X mode.
o PS3 SixAxis and Dualshock (native or with SixAxis Controller App). If using Sixaxis Controller app, use default key mappings set “Enable Gamepad” option to be “ON”.
o MOGA Controller (with MOGA app or ObsidianX IME)
o MOGA PRO (HID and Pivot App)
o GameStop Red Samurai
o Green Throttle (requires GT Arena app)
o NVIDIA Project Shield

SixAxis, WiiController & MOGA IMEs must be disabled to play original Bard’s Tale trilogy.

Supported languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russia, Korean, Polish

Download Link : Link

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hack Batak HD game

Batak HD

Hack Batak HD game
En popüler kart oyunlarından Batak, yenilenen grafikleri , geliştirilmiş yapay zekası, 3lü - Gömmeli , ihalesiz( koz maça ), ihaleli ve eşli oyun seçenekleri ile Google Play'de! The most popular card games in Batak, renewed graphics, improved artificial intelligence, 3lü - Recessed, a tender (spades), tenders opened and paired with a choice of games on Google Play!

Download Link : Link

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Baby phone unlimted resources

Baby phone

Baby phone unlimted resources
Baby phone , free app for your baby
it's contain 4 games for your kid
2-animals sound
4-Rattle Game

Download Link : Link

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Cheats Happy Tower

Happy Tower

Cheats Happy Tower
Happy Tower game is a browser online strategy game. It attracts attention by its plot and economic details. More than 10.000 people play the game at the same time.

Your purpose is to build a Happy Tower. Number of storeys is unlimited. You just need to have enough resources for building each storey.

Coins and banknotes are two main forms of currency in the game. After building of each storey a player has to decide what to locate on this floor.
You can allot the floor for living area or choose one of the business fields.
For example entertainment, art or food.

Your employees they live in the living area of your skyscraper.
Keep in mind that the virtual workers of the Happy Tower have different talents and preferences as in reality. Somebody is good at selling of biscuits others are trained to work in entertainment.

You can see the qualifications of each worker as soon as he or she moves into the building. In order to increase sales in the certain business you should select your employees with all responsibility.

Moreover all of your subordinates have jobs which they dream about. These workaholics should be appointed to appropriate posts in the first place.
Customers will come and you should take them on the right floor.

For this purpose there is a lift which you operate by yourself. For proper treatment customers can tip you in coins or even bucks besides purchasing.
Every field of business has its goods. And you have to monitor the availability of products. If not failure at business leads to decrease in profit. Producing goods takes real time.

There is an opportunity to accelerate the process by paying. All depends on demand and cost.

Furthermore building is in real-time mode. The higher the more time the construction of each storey takes.

Though you may accelerate constructing with help of money. And VIP-clients could help if you convey them on the right floor.

There is no need to play permanently — the game goes on after quitting.
So you always earn coins but getting bucks needs your real participation in life of the Happy Tower.

The game provides lots of tool to control business and monitor the mood of the tenants.

At first glance the game may look like a boring and monotonous one. But after building the tenth storey, establishing the business and moving into you will have to look after different sides of the game taking into consideration income and spending.

As soon as it is free everyone can test yourself.

Download Link : Link

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Download Tiny Planets Apk Download

Tiny Planets

Download Tiny Planets Apk Download
Hey there! My name is Flipp, I travel in space and invite you to join me! Mysterious planets and interesting levels are waiting for us in this great match3 game. Match same planets in rows of 3 to 5 planets and get cosmic super effects! The game will delight you with beautiful graphics and funny voice acting, as well as the ability to earn achievements, challenge your friends and help each other.

Here is why you gonna love it:
* More than 1000 exciting levels challenge your wit and attentiveness.
* Various types of goals do not give to get bored!
* It’s free! You can buy boosts to complete some hard levels in case you stuck.
* All levels are not limited by time, so you can play in your own speed.
* The game is easy to learn, but the difficulty increases smoothly, so that's always fun to play. There are tough levels, but they alternate with lighter where you can relax and just enjoy the gameplay.

Join the fun, this game is for the most intelligent humanoids!
Say goodbye to gravity - the space is calling!

Download Link : Link

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Cheats Pop Star Salon

Pop Star Salon

Cheats Pop Star Salon
Pop stars are so popular that they have already been the idols of thousand’s boys and girls, every time their appearance will attract all the attention accompanied with countless cheers and applauses. Meanwhile, pop stars are the fashion icon, their hairstyle, makeup and dress up will be imitated by many people, even their words and deeds will be copied!
Since they play such an important role and have such a strong influence, do you ever think about being one of them? Do you want your voice and songs to spread over every corner of the world? Do you want to appear on the huge screen? Do you want to be arounded and photoed by many photographers and journalists? If you really do, you'll absolutely feel excited about our new app, Pop Star Salon, here you can make all your star dreams come true!

How To Play:
Start with a soothing spa to make sure the hair and skin are flawless already to go out. Next, help her choose a hair style, eye color and put the makeup on. Then, assist her to select a perfect dress (or top and skirt, etc.), shoes, and the matched jewelries (including necklace, earrings, bracelet and headgear). At last, you can also choose a pair of cool sunglasses for her, as well as a pretty microphone or guitar. After all these process, she will go out to enjoy her colorful life, let's follow her and see how amazing it is!

· Spa Section
· Makeup Section
· Dress up Section
· 4 vivid backgrounds with cheers, camera sounds, moving lights to choose ( Special Launch! Strongly Recommend to have a try !!!)
· 4 beautiful girls of different skin color to choose
· Many fashionable hair styles and hair colors to choose
· Try on dozens of different eye colors, eye-shadows, mascaras, lipsticks, and more
· A lot of unique dresses, fashionable tops, pants and skirts to choose
· Plentiful shoes of different styles to choose
· A huge variety of decoration items, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and headgears to choose
· Several cool sunglasses to choose
· Multiple microphones and guitars to choose
· Continued improvements of this game, please feel free to send us your feedbacks and suggestions

Need You Know:
This app is totally free to download and play, some basic items are also free to use, but some additional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock. Therefore, if you do not want to use these items, please turn off the in-app purchase in your settings. Thanks.

Download Link : Link

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Cheats 4 Immagini 1 Parola

4 Immagini 1 Parola

Cheats 4 Immagini 1 Parola
Il numero uno con più di 150.000.000 giocatori in tutto il mondo!
4 immagini con 1 parola in comune – quale?
Scopri come mai tutti amano questo gioco, GIOCA ANCHE TU!

★La versione italiana ufficiale del numero uno mondiale «4 PICS 1 WORD»!★
Puzzle in italiano su misura solo per te!

Riesci a trovare tutte le parole e accedere a nuovi livelli? Tantissimi puzzle ti aspettano! Nuovi puzzle vengono aggiunti continuamente per un divertimento senza fine!

Senza registrazione, né regole complicate. Inizia a giocare e divertiti!

Che parola è? Guarda le quattro immagini, trova cosa hanno in comune e vinci!

Ci sono più di 150.000.000 appassionati di «4 Pics 1 Word» che giocano in tutto il mondo in 8 lingue. Unisciti a loro!

The number one with more than 150 million players worldwide!
4 pictures with one word in common - which one?
Find out why everyone loves this game, PLAY TOO!

★ The official Italian version of the world's number one '4 PICS 1 WORD "! ★
Puzzle in Italian tailored just for you!

Can you find all the words and gain access to new levels? Many puzzles await you! New puzzles are added continuously for endless fun!

No registration, no complicated rules. Start playing and enjoy!

What word is it? Look at the four pictures, is what they have in common and win!

There are more than 150,000,000 fans' 4 Pics 1 Word "playing around the world in 8 languages. Join them!

Download Link : Link

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Hack Ramen House game

Ramen House

Hack Ramen House game
Ramen House is a brand new cooking casual game!

Build your own Ramen empire,and be the best Ramen chef ever!

Looking for a cooking casual game? This is what you want!
Develop expert Ramen skills in your Ramen House, a gripping Time Management game with cooking different kinds of Ramens! Start with simple Ramens and work your way to build your own Ramen empire! You have to speed up your tapping, as the level goes higher the harder it becomes, do it ASAP!

-Take orders from your customers and make Ramen for them;
-Authentic ramen shop experience,test your Ramen making skill and share it to the world;
-Over 120 challenging levels with amazing garnishes, desserts and drinks. The more you will play, the more ingredients will appear in the fast-food!
Come join us and be the best Ramen chef ever!
This time management game will definitely entertain and challenge you and your family!

Download Link : Link

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Hack Checkers game


Hack Checkers game
Draughts (checkers, draughts, damas in other languages) - is a fascinating board game, familiar to many from his childhood.
Simple rules and addictive gameplay perfectly trained mind, logic and strategic thinking .. This game is popular in many countries, including in Russia.
This game is deceptively simple, and despite of it is full of cobwebs, what can make playing at the expert level.

The player is offered a choice of several different modes:
 - Classic checkers
 - Russian Checkers
 - Canadian
 - Brazil
 - Giveaway

Download Link : Link

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Arrow Crossword unlimted resources

Arrow Crossword

Arrow Crossword unlimted resources
Arrow crosswords are similar to normal crosswords, but the clues are integrated into the grid.

Advantages of arrow crosswords are:

• Immediately see the clue for a given grid position
• No need to display a separate clue list, giving more room to display the grid
• Much easier to scan the crossword at a glance
• Larger number of crossovers, more reward for finding the answers
• Most popular type of crossword in many countries

They are also known as Arrowords, and as Scandinavian crosswords.

Other Features:

• You can zoom in & out of the grid, and move around, making it possible to play larger grids even on smaller screens
• Each new grid is generated on-the-fly by the app, meaning unlimited games to play
• Many 1000's of clues, both straight and general knowledge
• Very configurable game generator, allowing you to specify the grid size, grid type, clue types and the difficulty of clues/answers
• Choose between US or UK English spellings
• General knowledge questions tailored to your country (e.g. US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.)
• Allows you to generate crosswords tailored to your ability, nationality and device size
• Ability to save and reload games, so several games can be played at the same time
• Numerous aids in case you get stuck, e.g. validate word/letter, reveal word and even a built-in crossword solver to show potential matches
• Can also generate grids using the more traditional British style grid. In addition there are Compact style grids, an unusual but very useful format, especially for small screens
• Possible to play with your choice of English, French, German and Dutch clues and answers

Download Link : Link

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Hack Numbers Game - Numberama game

Numbers Game - Numberama

Hack Numbers Game - Numberama game
Numbers Game is a fun and addictive mobile version of the old Numbers Game (some people call it Numberama or Take Ten) you played with paper and pen, now for Android phones and tablets. It is a cool game for kids and adults.
Numbers Game uses no critical permissions, needs nearly no storage space, and is totally free and ad-free (no in-app purchase).

In this logic game you have to find two numbers which are the same or together ten (10). Then the two numbers will be crossed out.
The two numbers have to be side by side or about each other. By doing this you can skip crossed out numbers.
If no more numbers fit together you have to press the "Check" button and all the not crossed out numbers are written behind the remaining ones.
The goal is to cross out all numbers. Try it out now!

This numbers game has:
- 5 modes
- instruction
- statistics
- automatic save/load
- back button to undo the last turn
- help button (if you can't find two numbers which fit together)
- restart button
- clear button to remove empty lines
- share your result on Facebook, Whatsapp,...
- compatible for most Android devices
- totally free (no in-app purchase)
- no ads

The Numbers Game Numberama (Take Ten) also makes kids to count and improve some basic math skills. For adults it is a funny and addictive number game to train the brain.

I am listening to any advice and I will try to improve this app with your help.
If you want to play numbers game in your language help me with the translation.
Don't hesitate to contact me at
Thanks to everyone who already helped with giving some feedback to make this the best number game of all number games.
Now enjoy the number game and try to cross out all numbers in the best time killer ever!


Download Link : Link

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